Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 123

LIVE Shamanic Drumming Meditation + Interview With Percussion Magicians "Amalghemy"

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Shamanic drum meditation is a powerful tool to help you experience a spiritual awakening.

Have you experienced shamanic drum meditation before? This episode includes 1 hour of Live Shammanic Drumming and also an interview with the drummers themselves: percussion magicians "Amalghemy".

On this episode of the show, I interviewed the Percussion band Amalghemy. These folks are a group of Shamanic Drummers who utilize the power of drumming to facilitate spiritual awakenings, divine guidance, meditation, healing, and a variety of other spiritual gifts. I've experienced several of Amalghemy's live performances in Saint Louis and was stoked to get them on the show.

On this episode, we chat about spiritual awakening, channeling, psychedelics, and the power of shamanic drum meditation. If you want to experience Amalghemy's music, check out their page on Bandcamp by utilizing this link. All their albums are "pay what you can".

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