Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 16

MARKETING Evolution With Rachel Pedersen

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

The business landscape is changing rapidly… For folks stuck in old methods of doing things, this is DOOM AND GLOOM. Fortunately, Rachel Pedersen is here to save us all… Rachel is one of the TOP Social Media Strategists in the world… When it comes to the future of marketing, there is no one more qualified than her to give us a blueprint to get ahead. On today’s episode of Beyond Homo Sapien we are going to chat about automation softwares that will dominate, emerging tech that will revolutionize, and how a humble small business owner can take advantage instead of falling behind. Put your learning caps on, boys and girls, and STRAP IN for some LEGIT SHIT! If you can’t catch the full video, check it out on iTunes! Make sure you subscribe to the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast so you never miss an episode :) … If you want to follow Rachel and learn more, definitely check out

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