Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 121

Merging With Artificial Intelligence And Living Forever | Anton Harrison-Kern

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

AI Technology And Human Evolution:

New technology like Artificial Intelligence have the potential to completely transform the human experience. In "the future", it is likely that we will experience a world where we have artificially implanted limbs and organs that are upgraded versions of what we have now. Yuval Noah Harari discusses this phenomenon in his book "Homo Deus":

Here's how it might begin: at the moment, artificial limbs are used most often to heal injured Soldiers, debilitated individuals, accidents, and other sorts of terrible injury. Similarly, when steroids were first introduced, they were used only as a medicine for certain conditions that required their special aid. In the same way that steroids made their way into the consumer market, artificial limbs and organs will begin to creep into the market.

New technology like artificial limbs and organs will be used to upgrade humans instead of only healing... In the same way that steroid injections are now used to upgrade healthy individuals into something more productive and capable of greater work capacity. Obviously, there are issues with steroid use that can result in serious health conditions. However, the fact remains that they are nowadays commonly used to upgrade healthy humans into a stronger, faster, and more capable version of themselves. New technology will become similarly used in the relatively near future, as soon as artificial limbs and organs are more generally acceptable in the eyes of society. At the moment, this new technology is still on the cutting edge of modern scientific literature, research, and communities. As soon as these new technology products are deemed more "consumer friendly" or "market viable", it will become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Merging with AI technology or other forms of new technology will begin in the upper classes of society. In the same way that a smartphone used to be a luxury item, bionic limbs and VR technology eye implants will be the domain of the elite for a number of years. However, as these things tend to do, the price will drop and the average consumer will be more able to upgrade themselves into super humans.

However, there are many concerns with this implementation of new technology into the human experience...

AI technology and artificial limbs that can blend with human bodies have the potential to rapidly evolve humans into something entirely new. When this is fully understood, we begin to understand that there is a clear possibility for the elite members of society to evolve into god-like beings, leaving the average person (meaning, roughly 99.9% of the species) in the dust. In a sense, this is a new version of "survival of the fittest" that will depend on a person's income levels.

Suddenly, providing equal opportunity and financial ability to "Average Joe" becomes a matter of allowing "Average Joe" to make the jump forward into the next stage of human evolution.

What are the ramifications of this evolution? What are we working to achieve? What should we do?

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Anton Harrison-Kern and I talk about the co-evolution of AI technology, the human species, and other forms of new technology. We dive into the ethical ramifications of the evolution of human beings and talk about how we might possibly bring "Average Joe" along for the ride as we collectively transform into cyborg god-beings.

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