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Episode 100

Spiritual Awakening For The 21st Century With Christy Forsyth

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Spiritual Awakening In The 21st Century

Spiritual Awakening can be confusing. What are the "symptoms" of a spiritual awakening? Well, it depends on who you ask... Nowadays, there is confusing information online about what "Spiritual Awakening" actually entails. Depending on who you ask, there might be conflicting answers from folks who might not exactly know what they're talking about.

Christy Forsyth is here on this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien to talk about spiritual awakening, working with various energy sources, encountering spirit guides, and how to navigate these somewhat confusing times.

Christy is a Soul Therapist who specializes in helping people unlock the potential of their soul power. By connecting with this higher force (a "higher self" if you will), the individual moves closer to understanding their own spiritual awakening.

On this show, we dive into talking about Spiritual Awakening and how unlocking the true calling of your soul is a powerful element of the equation. Christy is experienced in working with folks during their spiritual enlightenment moments and we will dive into some of the specifics to help eliminate some confusion. This topic is increasingly popular in today's world due to the proliferation of the internet... As a result of that growth of the collective consciousness, more and more folks are reporting symptoms of a spiritual awakening and looking for answers. I believe the human species is evolving and this spiritual awakening is a part of that process.

Let's dive into this topic with Christy Forsyth and start to expand our horizons!

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