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Episode 121

Why Automation Is Your Friend | Hector Santiesteban

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New Technology Is Automated

New technology often relies on automation as part of its "definition". When assessing the use and value of a new technology system such as machine learning algorithms that can help a business automate work, the key factor in assessing usefulness is how automated the technology itself manages to be. In other words, if the new technology requires a lot of oversight, maintenance, and user training, then it is not nearly as useful as it could potentially be to that business owner.

AI Technology is highly relevant to the business community because it allows small or large businesses to automate much of their work.

In today's world, the idea of automation companies disrupting the job industry can be quite fearful. For a majority of people in the world, the idea of losing their job to an automated machine learning system seems quite real. Given that a large portion of the world performs jobs that seem quite "robotic" by nature, the fear of losing one's job to a robot seems scary, looming, unpredictable, and almost inevitable to the point of being depressing.

Is this fear "real"? Should we fear automation? Is new technology going to displace much of the job market and replace them with AI technology?

There is certainly some cause for concern but it seems as if that concern is applied mis-correctly. We worry about the "wrong" problems.

For example, instead of worrying about the fact that our corporate jobs rely on employees acting robotically and performing series of monotonous and "soul-draining" tasks, we worry that those jobs will be replaced by actual robots.

Rather than debating whether or not we even need to continue having 9-5 jobs, we complain and suffer emotionally over the idea that our 9-5 jobs could potentially disappear.

Is there cause for concern? Absolutely. However, the "concern" should be applied towards answering these questions rather than complaining, worrying, and fear-mongering over the loss of outdated systems that need to be replaced and outgrown. Indeed, we are experiencing the growing pains of the human species into something far beyond where we are at this moment in time. Automation and other forms of new technology are here to disrupt everything we know about the nature of our world and provide an entirely new paradigm for existing as humans. However, this should not be feared. Instead, we must converse and analyze the means and modalities that are beginning to emerge and new technology takes the stage alongside humanity as potential allies in this experience we share.

Emerging technology can be used to serve mankind. Even now, in today's business world, there are hundreds (if not thousands) forms of new technology and automation companies that can be utilized to help a person grow their business and improve the quality of their lives. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I talk to Hector Santiesteban about automation and its role in the development of the human species into something more profound. We chat about the fear-mongering around these systems and whether or not that fear is warranted.

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