Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 2

WHY The Education System Must Change

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Welcome to our first Community Episode of the Podcast! On this show, the team here at Excelsior Industries hosts a weekly call over Zoom to connect with experts, help people start a business, coach folks who are trying to learn something new, and make some new friends! On this show, the team talks about WHY they believe the education system needs to change and WHY our work with Excelsior could help change the world. If you are interested in joining in on these conversations, check-in with our team before the meeting and we will give you the Zoom link! Hope to see you on the next episode. Just message Paul Tokgozoglu on Facebook and I'll get you the link :D... Let's make this a great weekly event for the entrepreneur community! If you are interested in changing the education industry, this is the show for you. See you next time! Much Love! #KILLINTHEGAME

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