Beyond Vegan
Episode 5

What is a Sacred Woman w/ Sacred Woman Practicioner Tanaya

Shardae Avents published on

Tune in as we discuss the 12 Week Sacred Woman program by Queen Afua with Sacred Woman Practicioner Tanaya. She helps us understand the gateways and why self healing is so important in order to be the best version of yourself. Be a part of your own resuce NO ONE is coming to save you SAVE YOURSELF! Sacred Woman is a must have in the homes of every woman and young girl. This book takes us through a rites of passage that we should have been exposed to years ago, to equip us to be, do and have the things we'd like to attract and manifest in this world. 

We are the women who lighten the darkness! 

WEEK 1 :

Sacred Womb - Overcome the womb diseased woman & receive womb wellness.

WEEK 2 :

Sacred Word - Overcome the gossiping woman & transform your words into medicine.

WEEK 3 :

Sacred Foods - Overcome the emotional eating woman & use foods as medicine.

WEEK 4 :

Sacred Movement - Overcome the stagnant woman & learn womb yoga and spiritual fitness.

WEEK 5 :

Sacred Beauty - Overcome the wounded child & magnify your inner and outer beauty.

WEEK 6 :

Sacred Space - Overcome the intuitively blocked woman & become an intuitive woman.

WEEK 7 :

Sacred Healing - Overcome the broken woman & become the medicine woman.

WEEK 8 :

Sacred Relationships - Overcome the hurt woman & become the emotionally balanced woman.

WEEK 9 :

Sacred Union - Overcome the solo woman & become an empowered woman.

WEEK 10 :

Sacred Lotus Woman - Overcome & become a woman of profound vision.

WEEK 11 :

Sacred Time - Overcome the procrastinating woman & become a creator through sacred time.

WEEK 12 :

Sacred Work - Overcome the common & professionally empty woman and wombnifest your purpose.


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