BlahCade Podcast
Episode 153

A Bad Case of the Smurfberries

Jared Morgan published on

When you play a video game, you do it to have fun. What is fun to one person differs, but in general you usually want to either complete the game or unlock everything in it.

So what happens when your experience is interrupted by a game funding model that sucks the life out of your enjoyment of the game?

You get a bad case of the Smurfberries.

We explore a few recent examples of In-app Purchase (IAP) models that are at the expense of the game experience. We also talk about the effects of an unbalanced "buy it now" model in free-to-play games.

To balance it out we also give you some examples outside of digital pinball where IAP doesn't need to be gross and distracting.

See for the full show notes, including links and other info.

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