BlahCade Podcast
Episode 43

BackRoom: What a Mother Bucker

Jared Morgan published on

Here is a rather pinbally BackRoom. We have a dig at some of the seemingly recurring themes that are emerging on the Forum and the Kickstarter zeitgeist. When re-listening to the podcast, it was clear that while some of the Kickstarter suggestions are perhaps a bit misguided, they all have one goal in mind: to have the kickstarter succeed. And that is worth discussing. So keep thinking of ideas, and keep on being passionate.


  • Silly Complaints Department - 0:00

    • EM Haters!

    • "Wouldn’t Buy Season Pass Because EMs!"

    • "Won’t Buy Any Tables Until [Favourite] is Released!"

    • Zen and Leaderboard Hate.

    • "I’m not going to be a customer any more!"

    • "I want to stick with the old UI"

    • "I can make a better UI in two days"

    • Jared’s tip about not being a duckhead with developers

  • Kickstarter Engagement Discussion - 11:00

    • Badgering about "why not this table, waaaaah"

    • TSPP in TPA. Probably not, right?

    • "Rewards are not compelling"

    • "Make us an entitlement table"

    • "Why CafePress for TPA Merch?"

    • "Integration with BBC for Merch"

    • "Farsight relies on community outreach for Kickstarters"

    • Sell the sizzle, not the sausage

    • "Why aren’t all the modern doctors on the table"

    • Look out Knight: Trolls to fight

  • Outro - 21:30

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