BlahCade Podcast
Episode 24

Stern Pinball Arcade Wild Speculation

Jared Morgan published on

Join hosts Chris Friebus and Jared Morgan, along with Kay Pfitzner, as they briefly discuss the results of September’s Tournament of the Month (TotM). Then sit back and relax and they devote the rest of the podcast to wildly guessing what the just announced Stern Pinball Arcade app means for FarSight and it’s fanbase. The newly minted half hour format goes long (50 mins), because there is nothing more fun than extrapolating meaning from barely there press releases!


  • Intro and Sponsors 
  • Introductions - 0:00.45 sec
  • Shout out to C2C Pinbal - 0:02.00 mins
  • Shout out to Pinball Podcast - 0:03.00 mins 
  • TotM - 0:06.00 mins
  • TotW - 0:09.15 mins 
  • Stern 0:10.30 mins
  • Sponsors and Outro 0:48.50
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