BlahCade Podcast
Episode 27

Ten Seconds or Less and No Farts

Jared Morgan published on

It’s a full compliment of ‘caders today with Chris, Jared and Kay. We talk about the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Beta and our progress in the Zen Book Club. Pinballwiz45b calls in to help us with some Zen tips as well. If you want to listen to BlahCade live while we record, link your twitter account to and join the live chat.

If you want to have some fun and create some bumps for Beta Blah and Table of the Week, feel free to have a crack and send them to No longer than ten seconds.

Segments (in mins:secs)

  • Accessories and Tech - 2:45

  • Invite to Create Stings - 5:00

  • Scared Stiff TotW - 6:25

  • Frankenstein Beta - 15:30

  • Zen Book Club - 29:30

  • Ghost Rider - 33:10

  • Fantastic Four - 34:25

  • Pinballwiz45b Drops In - 35:20

  • Tangental Zen Discussion - 38:00

  • Outro and Sponsors - 45:00

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