BlahCade Podcast
Episode 42

Zen Studios Star Wars Tables

Jared Morgan published on

There is so much content in this BlahCade that we made the call to split some of it off into a BackRoom episode while recording it. That should give you an idea of what to expect. If it doesn’t, then you should expect this episode to contain a motherlode of digital pinball discussion again.

We focus on Zen Star Wars Ep 8 digital releases (no spoilers), Zen Balls of Glory / Fox Animation tables, and A.S.K Homework’s foray into Steam for their Zaccaria product.

We also touch on FarSight’s Dr Who Kickstarter, but the real meat to that discussion is in the BackRoom, which will land later this week. We also break the sad news about table of the week.


  • Intro and Sponsors

  • Introductions and Stuff - 0:45

  • Reminder - 1:48

  • Comparison Between New Star Wars Tables - 3:30

    • The Force Awakens (TFA) vs Might of the First Order (MOTFO)

    • Vacuum Ramps vs Real Life

    • Shots on MOTFO vs TFA

    • MOTFO Upper and Lower Playfield Mind Fracking

    • Spelling Tables vs Shots Tables

    • Issues with in-game guidance

  • Zen Custom Call-outs and DMD Tweaks Suggestions - 15:40

    • Custom shot callouts are so needed.

    • DMD graphics and text clashes.

    • DMD instructions vs table visual queues.

    • Bally/Williams/Stern in-game UX vs Zen UX

  • TFA and Mode Progression - 19:00

    • TFA’s 12 Modes.

    • Center hole hard to shoot?

    • Millenium Falcon modes add variety.

  • Zen Fox Entertainment/Balls of Glory - 22:30

    • Branding differences on Steam vs Mobile

    • Navigation differences between Steam vs Mobile

    • Archer: The Yelling Table

    • Archer: Spell the words table gets old

    • Making the franchise accessible for non-fans

    • Archer: Cool toys!

    • Archer: Quote authenticity vs usability

    • Archer Whitewood?

  • BlahCade on the Zen Press list - 31:48

  • A.S.K Steam Greenlight Push - 32:20

  • Dr Who Kickstarter - 34:20

    • Table Reveals? Maybe…?

  • Speculation Threads Closure Requests - 35:30

    • Hard Evidence or no close

    • Reasons why Jared is not a Speculation Thread watcher

    • Closure Rules sticky? Nah…?

  • The last TPA TotM - 38:20

  • Outro - 40:00

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