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12 Crazy Rich Asians

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1:24 Introduction of our guest Kimlee

2:23 Blerding Out Bola - Networking events: CreativeMornings and Untold RVA

8:46 Blerding Out Kimlee - Movies: Slenderman, The Meg, Sharknados, To All the Boys I Loved Before

11:53 Netflix adding ads/praising skip button

14:57 Blerding Out Whitney - Dear Evan Hansen

17:50 Blerding Out Whitney 2 - Steven Universe

21:17 Opening Act - “Bao”

21:49 “Danger” - Mystikal

22:29 “Bao” again

30:15 Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

33:00 Pitch Perfect

33:52 Crazy Rich Asians

34:23 Constance Wu is from RVA!!!!

36:30 First all-asian cast movie since The Joy Luck Club

38:00  Harry Shum, Jr. - Crazy Rich Asians sequels

39:00 Kimlee’s perspective

39:53 Twitter story highlight, “A Personal Story Shows Why Representation Can Be Powerful”

46:12 Crazy Rich Asians - Traditional RomCom

48:58 Asian tropes in Crazy Rich Asians

50:48 Kdrama- I Do I Do

52.54 Astrid

53:53 Humans

55:00 Astrid Storyline

58:07 Fashion/bachelorette party

1:00:26 The Wedding

1:02:24 No plus size asians

1:03:32 Henry Golding is a fine leading man

1:06:30 Internal struggle of two cultures

1:07:30 Ending - Show, not Tell

1:11:11 Where were the dads?

1:13:0 The claws were out - Grandma and mom

1:17:56 Chinese versions of Pop english songs and Twitter story highlight, “An emotional letter from the director of Crazy Rich Asians convinced Coldplay to let Yellow in the filming”

Intro and Outro music is “Twilight” by Capshun

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Show Notes by Bola Hanson

Audio engineering by Whitney Booker


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