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28 Pixar's Coco (Rerun)

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0:00 Rerun intro, and where to watch Pixar's Coco right now

1:40 Starbucks issue

6:15 Marvin Gaye song

7:08 You should be on American Idol

8:04 Yoko Kanno

9:33 Composing

12:05 Blerding Out- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Whitney)

13:08 Krypton

14:02 “I’m a Dude” from Goodburger

14:38 Blerding Out- Threading eyebrows (Bola)

19:51 Blerding Out #2- Jacuzzi (Bola)

23:41 Pixar’s Coco

24:12 Loving Vincent

27:11 Summarizing Coco

27:58 Hispanic TV and media- Jane the Virgin

29:48 Whitney the show adulterer

30:33 Taxation without representation- Puerto Rico

31:42 The real home wreckers- ICE

33:07 Coco representing hispanic culture

34:02 Day of the Dead

38:50 Main characters

39:58 The colors, the animation

42:20 Youtube video- the skeletons, the spirit animals

44:52 The feels

45:16 “Waterfalls”- TLC

45:37 Tearjerker animated films

46:40 Plot summary

47:10 “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” - The Temptations

47:36 Plot summary continued

53:20 Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions -Individualism vs Collectivistic:

57:07 Theme: Sacrifice

1:01:01 Theme: Pursuing passions

1:05:30 Dante spirit guide

1:06:49 Research and details

1:08:10 Rating

1:08:51 Suggestions for Hispanic media:

  • Ugly Betty, Jane the Virgin,  Brothers Garcia, One Day at a Time

1:10:29 Had they been black -Barber shop readers story

1:12:44 Read a book song:

1:13:50 Invocation to Read

1:14:40 Coco giving back- Grammy Music Education Coalition

1:16:16 Pokemon theme song again


Intro and Outro music is “Twilight” by Capshun

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Show Notes by Bola Hanson

Audio engineering by Whitney Booker


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