BlerdTalk with Bola and Whitney

5 Avengers: Infinity War

BlerdTalk with Bola and Whitney published on

01:26 Blerding Out- Bola (Miami)

02:30 You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees

02:53 Miami

03:53 Alligators in Orlando

05:42 Bar Hopping in Miami

08:01 Driving in Miami

09:32 What Miami means

10:35 Blerding Out- Whitney- Forged in Fire: Knife or Death

13:14 Dwight from The Office

13:43 Knife or Death Explained

15:02 Blerding Out 2- Bola (The Moth Podcast)

18:25 The Moth Explained

19:20 Stories and the Story Lover

21:45 Whitney put Bola on blast

22:43 Uber or Lyft

23:53 Drinking and Kamboucha?

26:06 Topics in Blackness- Kanyes Comments-

30:53 Slave mentality

34:42 Black people should support each other

36:04 Bolas explanation of why blacks don't support each other

37:37 Whitney- Microcosms of support

39:34 Shawshi Designs plug

41:07 Topics in Blackness- Bill Cosby conviction

42:23 Don't put people on a pedestal

45:00 Me Too Movement

47:33 Conviction means evidence

49:35 13 Reasons Why

51:00 Justice for Victims

52:00 Avengers: Infinity War - DEATH

1:01:13 Theme: Love and Sacrifice

1:05:04 Parallels: Regina and Abraham

1:07:40 Chris Evans hotness

1:09:58 Favorite parts-Girl power fight scenes

1:14:15 No Hulk

1:15:34 Props to Marvels Storytelling

1:29:00 Logical or reasonable

1:31:17 Overall impression & rating

1:36:01 Had They Been Black- Adrift


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Show Notes by Bola Hanson

Audio engineering by Whitney Booker


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