BlerdTalk with Bola and Whitney

6 Black Heroes

BlerdTalk with Bola and Whitney published on

0:37- Black Superheroes

0:57- Looking at Luke Cage and Black Lightning

1:28- Black Renaissance

1:38- Insecure

3:45- 50 Cent multiplying

5:07- Other black TV shows

6:24- Black representation

7:28- Who we identify with

8:04- How black people are portrayed globally

11:27- X-Men

13:06- Bola’s Story- “The Sponge”

14:47- Lost Girl

16:52- Back to X-Men + Heroes

19:27- Why we love superheroes

28:55- Dearth of Black Superheroes

30:50- Luke Cage

31:51- Message to the black man

33:28- Black Lightning

35:28- We need uniforms

37:36- Jefferson Pierce from Black Lightning parallels to Elsa from Frozen

38:66- Cress Williams

39:50- Black Lightning’s wife

41:06- How do both shows depict Blackness

51:09- Underbelly of crime- black villainess

55:30- Real life parallels

1:00:00- Are Luke Cage and Black Lightning reluctant heroes

01:02:33- We need representation

1:05:18- Anissa- the empowered young black hero

1:10:23- Had They Been Black: Alexa laughing

Intro and Outro music is “Twilight” by Capshun

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Show Notes by Bola Hanson

Audio engineering by Whitney Booker


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