BlerdTalk with Bola and Whitney

7 Deadpool 2

BlerdTalk with Bola and Whitney published on

1:26 Avi, formerly of Pentatonix- “Daft Punk”

2:28 Guys with deep voices

4:03 Whitney giving Bola shade

4:27 Deadpool topic intro

5:03 Rolling R’s

5:45 Blerding Out- Whitney Relaxation

9:08 Day Spas

11:05 Massages

11:12 Hot guy qualities

12:46 Singing “Full Moon”- Brandy

14:58 What Whitney does at the gym

16:38 Blerding Out - Bola TV

16:58 Dear White People aka Black Dawson's Creek

17:58 Vocabulary

19:08 Singing “Promiscuous”

20:23 Summarizing Dear White People

26:00 Blerding Out Bola Two- Red Table Talk

28:46 Blerding Out Bola Three- Grandstaff and Stein Restaurant

32:36 Pronunciation fail- Wheel of Fortune:

34:01 Inside the restaurant Grandstaff & Stein

35:13 Blerding Out Bola Four- Body Positivity Brunch/ Vision Boarding

37:38 Venturing out alone

38:57 Everybody has issues

40:45 Bola’s vision board

42:16 Singing “You Are Not Alone” Michael Jackson

43:18 Topics in Blackness- The Royal Wedding

44:44 Happy Days Theme

45:24 The Royal Wedding so Black

51:27 Whitney's mom and Princess Meghan doll

53:00 Final points about the wedding

55:44 Deadpool 2

1:00:15 Story

1:01:08 References & zingers

1:02:37 Cameos X-men

1:04:38 Vanessa

1:07:25 X -Force

1:11:01 Theme: Family/Russell

1:13:30 Bhupinder

1:15:32 Juggernaut

1:17:33 Deadpool moral compass

1:19:48 Negasonic Teenage Warhead long name

1:21:57 Josh Brolin as Thanos vs. Cable

1:24:01 More Deadpool points

1:25:58 Theme: Purpose

1:30:33 Ending and final thoughts on movie

1:32:01 Predictions and time travel issues

1:33:45 Nicholas Sparks films

1:35:00 Call to action

Intro and Outro music is “Twilight” by Capshun

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Show Notes by Bola Hanson

Audio engineering by Whitney Booker


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