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Bonus Features with Alex and Robert - #22 - Cowboy Ninja Viking Scrapped, etc

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On this week's episode of Bonus Features with Alex and Robert, the guys revisit a couple of newly-updated stories from Episode 21, review and discuss "Christopher Robin", bring you the latest on "Cowboy Ninja Viking" being scrapped, and dive deep into some of the more troubling prequel, sequel, in-between-quel, and reboot news stories that have broken lately.

(00:20) Intro


(07:23) MoviePass update

(14:32) "Cowboy Ninja Viking's" release date scrapped

(18:22) Reboots, prequels, and sequels rage: "The Sandlot," "24," and "Alf"

(21:56) New "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich" trailer and synopsis released

(25:35) Sony "Kraven The Hunter" movie announced

(29:00) Warner Brothers announces "Supergirl" movie

(37:34) Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman for CW's forthcoming DC show

(42:15) Black Mask reportedly the villain in "Birds Of Prey"

(45:36) Glenn Howerton to return to "It's Alway Sunny in Philadelphia"

(50:56) Master Chief to be the lead character in Showtime's "Halo" show

(55:53) "Boogeyman Pop" trailer discussion

(58:18) September overview/August reminders


(1:05:04) "Christopher Robin"


(1:20:40) Guess how many

(1:53:00) Outro

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