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Bonus Features with Alex and Robert - #5 - Deadpool 2 trailer, Friday the 13th Development Hell, etc

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On this edition of Bonus Features, we discuss "Unsane," "Tomb Raider," "From Russia With Love," recent trailers, and more!

(00:25) Intro


(01:54) "Under The Silver Lake" trailer discussion

(05:02) "Deadpool 2" trailer discussion

(09:23) "The Ranger" trailer discussion

(11:36) "Terminal" trailer discussion

(15:50) "Superfly" trailer discussion

(17:43) "Into The Badlands" season 3 trailer discussion

(19:00) Lee Pace, Clark Gregg, Djimon Hounsou cast in "Captain Marvel"

(21:13) "Friday The 13th" sequel in development hell

(24:16) "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" and "New Mutants" both delayed

(28:14) "The Debt Collector" trailer discussion

Late to the party news:

(28:31) "Child's Play" miniseries


(30:34) "Unsane" - non-spoiler portion

(41:43) "Unsane" - spoiler portion

(54:31) "Tomb Raider"


(1:08:40) "Guess that movie based on the tagline"

(1:15:50) "What movie is this?" From the vault reviews:

(1:31:50) "From Russia With Love"

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