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Bonus Features with Alex and Robert - #61 - Oscar nominations, Dr. Strange 2 loses director, etc.

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On this episode of Bonus Features with Alex and Robert, we discuss the recently announced 2020 Oscar nominations, the news of Dr. Strange's sequel losing its director, Scott Derrickson and a couple of trailers -- Superman: Red Son & Come To Daddy! Plus, other exciting stories!

(00:07) Intro 

(00:27) Two Minute Pointless Interlude Of Sports


(10:15) 92nd Academy Award Nominations Discussion

(37:18) Doctor Strange sequel loses its director

(52:01) Superman: Red Son trailer discussion

(57:36) Come To Daddy trailer discussion

(01:00:41) Netflix's view counting system called into question

(01:10:02) Uneccessary Remake Round-Up

(01:10:51) New details on SyFy's Child's Play show revealed

(01:14:32) Outro

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