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Bonus Features with Alex and Robert - #8 - Birds of Prey director, Action Comics #1000, etc

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On this week's edition of Bonus Features with Alex and Robert, we discuss "Isle Of Dogs," "Ballmastrz: 9009," "Dark Crimes," the best movie A.I.'s, and more!

(00:28) Intro


(00:50) "Dark Crimes" trailer discussion

(3:48) George Miller/Warner Bros. dispute news

(6:12) Director Milos Forman passed away

(7:16) R. Lee Ermey also passed away

(10:53) "Birds Of Prey"/"Harley Quinn" film to be directed by Cathy Yan

(12:05) "Hot Summer Nights" trailer discussion

(14:06) Action Comics #1000 being released

Late to the party news:

(15:46) N64 mini discussion


(22:35) "Isle Of Dogs" (spoiler-free)

(29:00) "Ballmastrz: 9009" - Episodes 1 - 4


(41:04) Guess the movie based on the critical bashing excerpt

(53:06) Adapt this


(1:08:12) Franchises/Sequels/Reboots - Why so many?

(1:36:03) Favorite A.I. characters

(1:52:52) Outro

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