Bonus Features with Alex and Robert

Bonus Features with Alex and Robert - #36 - 2018 Year-in-review, 2019 Preview, etc.

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Whether 2018 was a year you'll always want to remember or a year you'll want to forget, one thing's for sure -- it's all over! Join us as we look back on some of 2018's cinematic highs and lows, preview 2019's filmic festivities to come, and review the latest installment in Warner Brothers' DCEU -- Aquaman!

(0:25) Intro


(7:47) Aquaman (non-spoilers)

(17:11) Aquaman (spoilers) 2018


(41:17) Biggest Surprise/Biggest Disappointment

(47:16) Adjusted Scores

(56:34) Bottom 5 Worst Movies Of 2018

(1:14:37) Top 5 Best Movies Of 2018

(1:38:40) 2019 Preview

(2:04:00) Outro


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