Books from the Hart
Episode 4

Miss Nelson is Back

Paul Hart published on

What happens when the kids from 207 are stuck with Mr. Blandsworth? Well come on in to the private screening room to find out! Mr. H's friend Jesse comes in to read one of her favorite books written by Harry G. Allard Jr and illustrated by James Marshall. Jesse is also a teacher who works with young children and loves to read. Jesse is also a fantastic artist so Books From the Hart is very lucky to have a special friend like her come to read to all the boys and girls! We talk about how awesome it is that parents and relatives and family friends are helping to teach children why they are at home for a little while away from school. It can be hard to adjust but the activity at the end will help make the boys and girls feel happy and appreciative that they have such loving people in their lives to help continue their education! Subscribe, share and please follow the facebook page Books from the Hart! Thank you. All music used in the episode was found on we do not own the rights to the book but just want to share our love of reading with all the children out there today during this time of change and transition. 

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