Both Hand Drive
Episode 40

Death Before Minivan

Ian Wright published on

This week one of my favorite bloggers, Motorhead Mama, joins us to talk cars and car culture. If you’ve not come across Amelia’s work you need to check out 

We jump straight into dissecting a spectacular Cadillac I caught a picture of and had to share with the queen of car snapping.

The conversation is far reaching and starts off discussing kids reaching driving age, our first speeding tickets and how to both avoid and ensure getting one. We talk about BMW X Series and Amelia’s X5 M. Both of us have Jaguar stories to tell, and Amelia wins. Minivans, fast SUVs, Jaguars and how California plans to ban the sale of gasoline vehicles by 2014. We end on a surprise guest appearance from my wife.


We rag on Tesla, predict the rise of hydrogen fuel cells and the olympic gold medals we’ll be getting. Then my wife makes a surprise guest appearance.

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