Both Hand Drive
Episode 15

Inside Lane Theory

Ian Wright published on

This week Ian explains Inside Theory as well as White Van Man Theory and Mark explains how to kill a spider with air. We talk about the Ford GT, the ghost of Saab and the possibility of electric Saabs. Ian decides it’s time to start learning to speak Chinese and why most of us are going to be driving hybrids rather than all electric cars. We also talk about Uber shooting itself in the foot and Ian uses the dreaded T word.

We also find a BMW E46 M3 CSL with 16k on the clock for sale and it’s going for a lot of money, and Mark is thinking it’s time for a different car to drive. Ian figures out wether his car is actually pre or post facelift, thus demonstrating exactly how much he cares and manages to say CRV instead of CRZ because alphabet soup is confusing late at night.

Mark talks about the cars his state police use and Ian hasn’t trained himself to spot the new California police vehicles yet.


The Book we talked about is Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt :


Truth About Cars Article On Saab:

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