Both Hand Drive
Episode 14

The Innate Troll-yness Of BMWs.

Ian Wright published on

Get comfortable or be prepared to pause and take a break… it’s a long one!

Cameron Vanderhoorst from The Cammed And Tubbed podcast joins Ian for a chat about cars. We kick off talking about where we come from and their stereotypes and car culture. We talk about Harley Davidson before getting into Cams car history - his RX-7, Toyota Celica and of course BMWs. Ian learns about Mystic Cobra as Cam opens a window into old Mustang ownership and ruining an 80’s Porsche.

We both discover we don’t really get Audi as a brand before we get into some listener questions. Of course we wander off topic and we end up talking about some movies and get treated to Cams awesome impression of Brian in Fast And The Furious. We then get into cars that could break you, more Mustang talk, driving British and American cars as a whole and the Edsel.

We wrap up by talking about the Faraday car.


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