Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Episode 21

Must-Have CRM Fields For Data-Driven Sales Teams with Joe Caprio (InsightSquared)

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Joe Caprio of InsightSquared joined us in the studio this week to record another episode of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast: “Must-Have CRM Fields For Data-Driven Sales Teams.” There are certain data points every sales team knows to track from day one, whether you use SalesforceZohoSugarInsightly or even if you don’t have a CRM yet: accounts, deal sizes, owner, etc. But there are a range of other less well-known data points that data-driven sales teams have found to be useful in optimizing their sales funnels. Whether your goal is measuring the quality of your leads on likelihood to convert, understanding what your ideal customer profile looks like, or streamlining your inside sales outreach process, it’s important to track the right data early on; you can’t fix something properly if you don’t know why it’s broken.

In our podcast today, Joe walks us through the top 6 CRM fields that he feels have really allowed his org to streamline its sales funnel, highlighting a few that are less commonplace.

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