Are you a man whose marriage is ending? Are you facing the hard realities of separating and giving up what seems like unfair amounts of time with your kids, assets, money, and mutual friends? Perhaps you’ve moved out of the family home and feel alone but you don’t want to appear weak. But come on, you’re human…you have a heart, a body and a mind and if you’re like most men going through diivorce you probably feel completely out of control…I can help. Together, we can use your divorce as a catalyst for revolutionary transformation.

Ladies, I love you too, but, it’s pretty clear so much of the emotional support out there is geared towards women and I think that’s GREAT – I also think it’s time we start encouraging our our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, friends and yes, even our soon to be ex-husbands who are often the father of our own children, to get help.

The format of this podcast will be a mix of monologue that will focus on tips, tools, strategies and philosophies for you to use in your daily life and interviews that will aim to remind you, you’re not alone. You can expect lively conversations with other personal development and spiritual experts along with men just like you who have walked their own challenging journey of self-discovery via a breakup and/or divorce.

I'm big on feedback so please don't hesitate to reach out. I can be reached at AND thanks for listening!