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Joni Vincent was scaling the height of her executive-level career in the IT industry when she had an epiphany during the middle of a corporate fiscal kick-off in an opulent Rome conference centre.  The truth was, despite the innumerable benefits enjoyed, she felt trapped in a toxic working environment, and no longer felt inspired by the work she was doing.  Joni was, literally, trading her life for money and corporate benefits.

Four months later she left the corporate environment to create Village Joy, a consortium of businesses whose primary objectives are to provide liberating, transformational opportunities that span learning, mentoring, professional networking and business investments.  Village Joy helps people create financial wealth through entrepreneurial business opportunities, personal transformation and strong connections back to humanity.

Joni Vincent is the Founder & Host of Golden Handcuffs, a podcast created for people who feel stuck situations that no longer serve them, whether it be work or relationships.

Originally from Florida (USA), Joni has spent most her adult career living and working in South Africa, New York and Europe.