Buffoons the Vampire Podcast
Episode 4

The Rules of Improve

Emerican Johnson published on
Bobby Frankenberger updated on

Grant calls in from a submarine and we talk about mantis-squid similarities, Grant's bad short term memory, Buffy's jacket collection, Apples, eating disorders and more. Now with 100% more soundboard!

The Buffoons are: Ryan (@FauxRomano), Bobby (ComplexAction.net / @GMFunkytown), Aaron (MalarkeyTV.com / @Malarkey_TV), and Grant (SlopStache.com / @TheSlopstache) Find us at MalarkeyTV.com/buffoons or email us at Buffoons@MalarkeyTV.com


Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) & Jason Shaw (Audionautix.com)

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