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A Conversation with Special Forces Army Veteran “JP” Juan Perez Jr.

Rosangel Perez published on
We invite you to listen to a conversation with decorated Special Forces Army Veteran, "JP" Juan Perez Jr. about his experience as a Green Beret, the real definition of terrorism, facing fears, parenthood, self-reliance, the right to bear arms, main stream media, the importance of conflict resolution, and what it means to be a patriot. About JP: Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, “JP” was commissioned as an officer in the US Army in 1998. After completing both the Airborne and Ranger Courses, he set out to apply for acceptance into the Army Special Forces, popularly known as the “Green Berets”. After successfully completing both the Special Forces selection process (“SFAS”) and the Special Forces Qualification Course he was assigned to an active-duty Special Forces Group, where he served as a Special Forces team commander, and was subsequently assigned to a myriad of other special operations leadership positions. During this time, he conducted numerous deployments to conflict regions within three continents. His experience saw him take part in combat operations and other activities in collaboration with various US government organizations as well as numerous allied government and military leaders. JP is now retired after two decades of service and resides in the South-Central region of the United States where he works as an IT senior executive for a private enterprise. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Security Management and a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Security Studies. Contribute to the Cafecito Break Movement... One Time – via Paypal By becoming a Monthly supporter via Patreon Cafecito Break Podcast | Let's start the conversation... heart based critical thinking chats about society, relationships, health, community, politics, family, love, and truths.
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