Campfire Chronicles
Episode 3

The Best Game of All Time

Adventure Archives published on

In the third episode of Campfire Chronicles, we talk a little bit about our recent trip to Yosemite and also answer reader questions. Yes, Ocarina of Time is technically the Citizen Kane of videogames, but the difference is it's actually enjoyable :)

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  • Mauricio Shiroma

    Hi there! I've just finished listening to this episode (always enjoyable, by the way) and I couldn't help thinking about a documentary I watched last year called 'Diggin' in the Carts', about the history of Japanese video game music and its legacy. Have you guys seen it? It's available on YouTube:, in a 6-episode format. It's great stuff. Also, I'd like to suggest a topic for upcoming episodes: eating in the wild. You must have some good stories to share about the best and worst grubs you had, the best types of food to carry, how to get a little fancier and cook a proper meal on a campfire, what works/doesn't work, things you can easily find in the nature to make tea, culinary disasters etc. I'm looking forward to the Yosemite episode, I think it will be fun to see you 4 together in action. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Adventure Archives

    Thanks for the comment! I LOVED that documentary! So freaking good. I actually watched it live as it came out. It was great, because they heavily featured my fave, Yoko Shimomura. By the way, if you haven't seen the bonus footage, I highly recommend it. It was surreal to see the composer of Mega Man and Street Fighter just chatting about what it was like to work at Capcom back in the day.

    Also, great topic for the podcast, we'll talk about it when we release the wild edibles video we just shot :) -Robby

  • Mauricio Shiroma

    Bonus footage? I gotta see that immediately! Thanks for the tip. :-)
    I'll definitely check the next video, but I live in another country so I can only imagine what these wild edibles taste like. haha