Car Life

Episode 3

Maxed Out Printing, MFortyFive, Florida Subarus, and Creamy Ramen Drano

Paul Wirta published on

This episode is an interview with Ethan Pfab and Zach Osborne of Maxed Out Printing and and Josh Hobbs of being Josh Hobbs. We talked about their journey through their passions for cars and their current builds, how Ethan makes all his friends in parking lots, the formation of MFortyFive, shaving, Walmart, killing your mother's carpet cleaner, and a whole bunch of other car stuff and tangents. Josh joins in around 30-something minutes in and Ethan leaves early which I don't know if I ever addressed. It's a fun interview with some fun friends and I enjoyed making it. Give it a listen!


Article on Ethan and Zach's cars:

Ethan Pfab: @Ethangram

Zach Osborne: @Momentum.RS

Josh Hobbs: @DickFarts

For more content; // @KotodamaAnalogue

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