Episode 170

Alex Ross and Magnus Walker

Kyle Hyatt published on

Alex Ross is the founder of Sharkwerks, a company that is arguably the best tuner of GT-series Porsches in America right now. He is dedicated to taking Porsche's good work and cranking it past 11 without regard for cost or common sense. In that vein, Alex brought the exquisite Sharkwerks Cayman GT4 by the museum for Kyle and James to drool over. 

Magnus Walker is best known as the Urban Outlaw, a bearded and be-dreadlocked builder of air-cooled hot rod 911s. He has become an ambassador for the brand over the past few years and he's a regular feature at all the best Porsche events all over the world. He brought down his newest ride, a super customized Porsche 964 with all kinds of Magnus' personal styling touches.

Together they sat down with Kyle and James to talk about the North/South divide in England, the air and water cooled divide in the Porsche community, and why Sharkwerks doesn't really have a business model. This was a super fun conversation, and we know you guys will love it.

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