Car Torque with Matty J
Episode 3

Turbo Cars and Video games

Matthew Janineh published on

This episode I am joined by Alam and Anthony, as we talk about our favourite turbocharged cars, and favourite car related video games. Both Alam and Anthony are in the hot seat for the car quiz. 

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  • Dave Rendon

    Great podcast! Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area. Not sure if you got the answer to your DeLorean body panel question or not. The passenger side front fender is just under $700 to just under $1,000 depending or not if it has the antenna hole. The driver's side front fender is $2,000 or more if you can find one. I just wanted to add on the video games. My personal favorite is Atari's Hard Drivin' and later Race Drivin'. It was the first driving simulator that had a working clutch and gated shifter (if I recall correctly) and I learned how to drive a manual on it at 14yrs old. That game has a special place in my heart. Love the podcast.

  • Matthew Janineh

    Hi Dave! I just saw this now, it does not notify me haha, Thats unbelievable, I cant believe how expensive that is haha!!! long story short buy one and dont wreck it! Thanks for sending us the answer to that question! I never played Hard Drivin, when did it come out? not many simulators do, only i few i can recall which is a real shame as it makes it more fun and enjoyable