Cars And Computers
Episode 8

Delay Tolerant Networking Via Nuclear Steam Cars

Jason McCreary published on

new suspension for the miata from fat cat motorsports 
rotary heat
delay tollerent networking
social, decentralized networking via near field
going to jail to keep your password, makes you look like a criminal
Extreme computer security
Wiring a car with big aerospace plugs instead of a loom
Bad news about Honda S660
The New Ford Mustang GT can look really nice
Cloud quantom computing platfrom from y combinator, via web api
cant have half a bit
The problem with geniuse hangouts is non geniuses want to hang out there.
Throwing out code is good.
More data gets you out of crappy projects
Steam cars are super cool (actually very hot)
Thorium steam car
The nuclear boyscout
The breeder reactor is great but also an instant weapons factory
Why we cant have nuclear (or anything else nice)
Water injection
IPN interplanetary networking
Hyper optimism vs hyper pessimism. 2000 is just a number.
The early internet was a cash cow.
Sitting in the basement instead of going out.
Sexism and the tech world

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