Cars And Computers
Episode 6

Time Sensitive Neuromorphic Monstertrucks

Jason McCreary published on

Time sensitive networking.

PDF Sucks, Dockument type setting, Post Script, Post Script (QUARTZ) on mac os 9 and lower

Sega Genesis Z80

Computing with printer CPUs

Platooning Self Driving Trucks

Why not automated rail?

Automated trucks

Flashers in the rain

Red turn signals (fuck that)

.net blows, but so does php... C#!

HHVM, making php fast and running functions async, async in general

HACK is the dumbest name for a programming language

Intel neuromorphic chips (WORKS LIKE A BRAIN)

Computer brains

Modern Tech complexity is getting really really high, True AI as a solution

Cheap cars, not enough of them?  Can I get a cheap mid engine car?

New Steel tech has progressed a lot in the last 10 years

Old fast cars are not as fast as basic cars now...  Honda Odessy Racecar

Honda V6 in a miata

3rd series supras...meh

Monstertruck madness

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