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Episode 13

Automotive News 5-5-21 With Special Guest Chris from Denver DSA

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Car related news for dialectical gearheads. We've got your regular dose of Elon Musk/Tesla news, a story about how gentrification is threatening a vibrant car scene in Austin Texas, and a petty squabble between massive international corporations that are supposed to be collaborating.

But wait. There's more.

Voltswagen, I mean Volkswagen could be in trouble for the most unfunny April Fools marketing stunt ever, and the charges against super rich asshole that crashed his priceless hypercar into several other vehicles while driving completely fucked up have been dropped. We speculate it was probably because he was rich. Obviously.

So buckle up and join us for a journey through this month's news.

Thanks to Chris from Denver DSA for joining us on this one.

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Tesla Autopilot Crash in Texas

How Tesla "Autopilot" operates:

Consumer Reports proves Musk wrong:

Gentrification in Austin affecting car enthusiasts:

Stupid car companies competing when they aren't supposed to over a few HPs:

Voltswagen "joke":

Rich asshole who drunkenly smashed super car is above the law:

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