Cars & Comrades
Episode 6

Nuclear-Powered Vehicles of the Cold War

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Most people know that the Navy has nuclear-powered submarines. But nuclear power plants for cars, airplanes, spacecraft, and other vehicles have all been dreamed up, and in some cases tested, mostly by cold-eyed psychopaths and crazy dreamers during the Cold War.  First we get caught up on the state of our project cars.  Links and sources are below.

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“The Miracle of U-235” from Popular Mechanics January 1941:


Civilian cargo ships:

Weird Chrysler tank:

Soviet nuclear train concept:

University of Utah nuclear train concept:

Nuclear powered car concepts:

Pascal B test:

Project Orion:

The Secret History of Project Orion: To Mars by A-Bomb:

Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion:

Atomic Adventures by James Mahaffey:

Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory:

Soviet nuclear aircraft project/hoax:

Project Pluto (nuclear supersonic ramjet cruise missile):

Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application:

Soviet RD-0410 rocket engine:


Soviet Battle Mole, or nuclear subterrene:


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