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Episode 33

The RPM Act (Part 1)

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On this episode, we talked about our various car projects (mostly problems) as usual, and eventually we got around to the main topic: The RPM Act. Is this what we need to protect us from an overzealous EPA trying to regulate our hobby away or perhaps an attempt for an industry trade group to make themselves appear more important than they actually are? I mean, before all this RPM Act controversy, who even knew SEMA was anything more than an annual car show? Well, in this series we explore those questions and more. This first episode is mostly focused on the background of how we got here and why this might be important as well as drawing the battle lines for what's to come. It ends a little abruptly though, because we're deeply unprofessional and we do this shit for free. Can you really expect any better quality from us? Come on now. Don't be silly. 


Sources (all sources will be included in Part 2 show notes):


EPA background info:


SEMA Amicus Brief in Arizona Court Case:


SEMA: Momentum building for the RPM Act:


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