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Episode 24

The RPM Act (Part 2)

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Finally, the conclusion of our series focusing on the RPM Act. Which means I can now close a whole lot of tabs in my browser that have become rather cumbersome. Anyway, in part 1, we mostly introduced the problem and the 2 sides of this “debate”. Although, if you were only using your average automotive media coverage, you might be surprised to learn there was even another side to the story. While most coverage on the topic has been definitively against the EPA and supportive of SEMA, we decided to take a closer look at what is going on. Does the EPA just hate freedom? Is the EPA merely a government bureaucracy hellbent on killing all forms of fun? Or perhaps there’s something more happening. Whose interests are being served? Car enthusiasts or large businesses? Well, you can probably make an educated guess, but that wouldn’t be as fun as listening to 4 disorganized car guys take you along on the journey to the conclusion you already know is coming. 



EPA background info:

SEMA Amicus Brief in Arizona Court Case: 

SEMA: Momentum building for the RPM Act:

EPA fines tuning software company $300k for diesel tunes:

Congressional Committee Report on the RPM Act of 2017:

Here’s why SEMA is pushing you to lobby congress now that certain aftermarket parts shops are being raided.

National Compliance Initiative: Stopping Aftermarket Defeat Devices for Vehicles and Engines

Performance Diesel, Inc. Clean Air Act Settlement Information Sheet

EPA launches crackdown on emissions defeat device makers


The RPM Act – How a Multi-billion Dollar Industry is Trying to Ruin Our Air


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