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Episode 20

Update: Nuclear-Powered Vehicles of the Cold War

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This is a short one, but don’t worry we’ll have a 2-hour chonker for you in two weeks. (And maybe something sooner?)
Bryant has some updates on nuclear-powered vehicles, and a theory about the “Gizzverse.” Plus some apologies, pet peeves, Lyme disease, and a health tonic that makes your jaw fall off.


Lockheed CL-1201 (giant flying aircraft carrier/tow tractor)
Seaplane version:

Northrop nuclear flying wing:

Submersible Nuclear Ramjet

Radioactive tonic water that makes your jaw fall off:

The Nuclear Salt Water Rocket - Possibly the Craziest Rocket Engine Ever Imagined.

Nuclear powered Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

Short documentary on nuclear rocket engines (from the early ‘70s I think):

Missile Gap:


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