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Episode 30

Walter Reuther Part 1 with the Turn Leftist Podcast

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Who was Walter Reuther and why might he be important to leftist car enthusiasts? Walter was a labor organizer who became the President of the United Auto Workers (UAW) as well as the Congress of Industrial Organisations (CIO). Walter had a broad vision for what the labor movement could achieve for working people and he was at the forefront of the labor struggle throughout most of the 20th century. Walter was a Socialist, although he was very much against communism. In this deep dive, we take an honest look at both the successes and failures of Walter's approach to improving the lives of working people. For additional context, refer back to our past episodes that touched on The Battle of the Overpass and our series on DRUM: The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement. Of course we also did our usual car talk (which will probably sound out of order now), but you can skip that if you go to (44:15). This episode is an introduction to the story and is just beginning to set the scene. There will be several more episodes (at least 4). So buckle up and join us along the road to revolution. 

Thanks to the Turn Leftist Podcast for collaborating with us on this deep dive into the life and work of labor leader Walter Reuther. You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter and check out their other episodes as well. 



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