Cast Aside
Episode 1

Part One

Cast Aside published on

Noel Nelson digs into Joe Ryde's electrifying life and career in Cast Aside - The Resurrection of Joe Ryde.

Cast Aside - Part One
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  • H Ritchie

    How do you sleep at night, Joe?

  • Cast Aside

    To tell the truth sometimes I have a bit of a ringing in my ear.

  • H Ritchie

    Ringing in your ear? Maybe the answer would be to "spoon" with someone. (ah... ah... ah... ah... ah...!)

  • Cast Aside

    I don't get it ...?

  • H Ritchie

    That's OK, Joe. (pat, pat, pat.)

  • Louise Branchaud

    This explains so much. I've always been a huge fan of Joe's, now, though, I may not be able to sleep knowing what a traumatic start she had early on in life. Hang in there, Joe! Do you think you could autograph my 8-Track of your first album?

  • Cast Aside

    I will be chatting with my agent Jola Rain to see when the next meet and greet is. Nice to see that you still have my music with you.