Catholic Prophecy Today
Episode 13

The Marxist Subversion of the Catholic Church

Tony Leon published on

Apologies for the delay in posting a new episode.  I hope you enjoy this new episode not on future prophecy but on our current events.  This talk given by a priest faithful to the Catholic Church shows what has happened in the past and how it relates to what is happening now in the Church.

Fr. John O'Connor O.P., a Dominican priest, born in Chicago in 1929, studied at Notre Dame University and joined the Order of Preachers in 1949.  Within this talk given in the early 1990's, Father O'Connor exposes the Radical Left-Wing agenda of the subverted, post Vatican II Church, showing how Communist leaders such as Bella Dodd, sent these leftists into our Catholic seminaries, which has brought about an almost near destruction of the Church in the West.

This talk explains how we now have a Pope, who stands by while homosexual couples are blessed, who denies the existence of hell, and who supports communist and marxist ideals within society.

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