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Episode 5

Episode 5: Jonathan Diener (The Swellers, Baggage, Braidedveins)

Dan Ramirez published on

Episode five of the Celebrity Punk House Podcast. The official podcast of celebritypunkhouse.com.  Our special guest this week is Jonathan Diener the former drummer of the band The Swellers , the current drummer of Braidedveins, and the current singer/bassist of Baggage. Jonathan talks to us about his new project Baggage, about life as a musician, and about pro wrestling.

Poorly Hosted By: Dan Ramirez

  • IG: @Savesthedan
  • Twitter: @BigGuy4By4

Special Guests: Jonothan Diener (The Swellers, Baggage, Braidedveins)

Feautred Music by:


The Swellers

Theme Song by: Michael Mahaffie aka the legendary Jumpcut- https://jumpcutla.bandcamp.com/

Artwork by Ed Brecsia - http://edacrossthestreet.com/

Sponsored by: Opendoorrecords.org

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