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Follow the Glory

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 August 21st 1 Kings 20:1-34

Here is some note from the service.

On Elisha: was he ordained? Did he go to seminary? Could he read and write Hebrew? We don't know. 

 There's nothing magical about any of God's prophets, it's that God is in control. 

The all-glorious God is bringing glory to Himself. 

Were the disciples chosen because they were such great men? No! It was because God was great and he was showing his own glory. 

Why was mass persecution on the early church spurring a massive amount of conversion among the nations? It was because God was showing his own glory. 

Ezekiel 39

In so many different times in history, we can see God bringing glory to himself. 

The nations will one day become the nations of our Lord and His Son Christ. 

Psalm 4:8

The all-glorious God of the bible brings glory to himself. 

What is man's chief end? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. 

You cannot make God any more glorious. God is infinitely glorious. I don't have to say all the right things, but God will be brought glory despite my shortcomings. 

God is displaying his glory

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