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Episode 2

Leandro & Aline, a lovely Dutch-Brazilian yogi couple

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Aline y Leandro are expert teachers of yoga and acro-yoga.

In this video, they explain the benefits of these practices, emphasising the importance of having a balanced life.


Aline is from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. That was where she grew up and tried different movement activities such as capoeira, dance and "home-made" contortionism... until she found acro-yoga, and she loved it. From there she got in contact with yoga and decided to know more in-depth and get trained.

When she moved to Germany in 2014, she brought all these learnings on her backpack. Now she lives in the Netherlands, working with design, but design as a process. The most important, she says, is to bring different people together to discuss and create things together. So, although she doesn't work with yoga or acro daily, she applies lots of its aspects every day: communication, responsiveness, power balance, building trust and a safe space for creativity... 


Leandro was living in Amsterdam and studying physics when he saw an 80-year-old man giving a yoga demonstration.

He was so impressed with him, that he decided to start practising as well. He got more and more into yoga and spirituality. In the end, he decided to quit his studies and went off to live in the jungle of Peru. He got a job in a nature reserve and met a shaman who taught him about healing plants.

After spending 3,5 years amidst the monkeys, he went back to Amsterdam. He then enrolled in a school for Shiatsu therapy and completed their 4-year program with Kazunori Sasaki.


They now go to many acrobatic / yoga festivals and workshops around the world and teach acro-yoga.

They took part in the 1st Shiva Yoga Festival in Murcia (Spain) organised by Manuel Asis, they did an amazing job! Though it is being published now this video was recorded and edited before the festival.

You can see an extended version of the interview on Transformation TV, where they also explain the role that chakras and our levels of energy play into having a balanced life.

Interviewer: Esteban Tejedor Video

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