Chamberlain and Chance

Episode 236

A vast conspiracy

Jim Canapa published on

The Hades debate continues. Chamberlain is convinced that the whole world is wrong, that Hades is not worth the time, and Chance and Alex are having none of it. Chamberlian also bounces soundly off of Crusader Kings III, Scourgebringer and Wasteland 3 before landing on the mediocre (at best) Star Wars Squadrons. Chance has no patience for mediocrity so he left Squadrons in favor of a Ghost of Tsushima replay. And Alex is still playing Hades. For some odd reason. In spite of Chamberlain's futile insistence that it really isn't very good.

Also, I know I screwed up the first verse of Jabberwocky. It's a goddamn mouthful.

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