If you want to change the world, listen to some of the guests on my show first. 

Conversations with people who make their living doing good for the World.



What This Show is About

It's about People who found their Purpose and have taken a Stand for Making Profitable Good.

Listen to conversations with people who are doing good for the World and still making profits.

If you want to change the world, start listening to some of the guests from my show first. 

Our Mission: 
To Empower People to live meaningful fulfilling lives on purpose to create Authentic Impact for People and the Planet. 


We Value: 
Positive Projects for People, Planet, Profit, Selling Your Goodness, Having Grace, Being Gritty, Being Authentic, Sharing Wisdom, and Open Learning.


For people who:
- Are sick of serving the endless cycle of mindless consumerism.  
- Are looking for creative interesting ways to grow a social movement.
- Want to be empowered to know they contribute to actually make a difference.
- Want to Choose who their Children's Parents will be.
- Want to make and impact as their day job


We Feature Guests who :
- Are leaders making positive change in the world by contributing Solutions to Global Problems.
- Have figured out how to make their contribution by expressing their unique views and talents.
- Stand for creating profitable opportunities for Humanity and the Planet.
- Share their doubts and their fears, and the struggles they've overcome.

Upcoming shows include:
- Life on Purpose and for Profit 
- Pitching Your Concept of Good
- The Economic Boom of Making Impact
- Why Sustainability Needs to be Profitable
- Social Enterprise and the New Bottom Line
- How to Collaborate with Global Leaders
- How to stand out as a Social Enterprise
- How Any Company or Person can make Impact
- Grow your project with out going broke
- Side Hustle your Movement
- Thinking Global and Acting Local
- Reflection on Self and Humility 
- Paving your Pathway to Good


My goal is: 
To help you live with more Purpose and take a Stand for Good.

To empower people to contribute their good to grow their own movement. 

To Build a Job Board Platform for People to Grow or Contribute to a Social Movement. 


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Feel Free to Email back with Episode, Guest, or Show Ideas.  With gratitude : )

Lindsay lindsayc888@gmail.com



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